Oil Consumption Test Questionaire

Data collected to be used in possible litigation against dealerships.

2 Phased Approach

Phase 1 – To identify dealerships using oil heavier than the factory recommended 5w 20 oil.  If they are using a heavier weight oil than the factory recommended oil to justify not replacing an engine, this information can be used to challenge denied claims in court.  (Heavier weight oil burns slower which means fewer engines fail the oil consumption test.)

Phase 2 – While litigation is taking place with phase 1, the information you will be gathering from the oil tracker can later be used to show how Hyundai/Kia’s oil consumption test does not reflect the true driving experience of the consumer and should be changed to oil consumption up to 7,500 miles as recommended by their engineers.   In addition, because of the inconvenience of having to make frequent trips to their dealership for them to check oil consumption, financial computation should be provided. 

Not necessary, but, if the information gathered from this survey leads to a class action suit is filed in your area and you we will contact you with the details to participate.