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Topics Included:

      • Identifying
        • Air condition problems
        • Reasons your vehicle might not start
        • What sounds could be sounds when driving
        • Why is your vehicle may be losing fluids
        • What repairs can be postponed and what repairs should be taken care of immediately
      • The life expectancy of parts
      • Definitions

Benefits of Diagnose My Ride:

        • Prevent premature breakdowns.
        • Keep mechanics honest by knowing what the symptoms mean
        • Reduce repair costs through early detection and upselling by mechanics
        • And more… 

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Melody R, – I met Tarance while waiting for my car to be serviced at —- dealership. We were sitting next to each other when the service technician explained his findings after inspecting my car.  The tech suggested I replace my brakes and it was when he said sooner or later I was going to need to replace that Tarance began listening to our conversation.   

After the mechanic left, Tarance asked how many miles were on my car; I said a little over 25,000; so he asked what type of driving do I typically do; which is mostly highway.  He suggested asking the service technician what was the thickness of my brake pads.  After he answered, we determined, based on my driving habits, it would be at least 2 years before the brakes would need to be replaced. Thanks to our conversation, Tarance saved me $203.

Paula T – One day I casually mentioned to Tarance about paying my “trusted” mechanic $65 to replace a tail light bulb for me. 

He was shocked I paid that much to replace a bulb and asked if he replaced both bulbs and I said no.  He stated he should have replaced both because when one goes the other will soon; which means he would earn an additional $65.

He suggested, that in the future, rather than taking the car to my, “trusted” mechanic to replace the brakes, I can change them myself and save money and time. 

I said I don’t know how to change a bulb, so now it will cost me $2 instead of $65.


Patricia G – A few years ago Tarance accompanied me to the dealership for my car’s 20,000-mile check-up.  The technician inspected the car and suggested aligning the tires.  When Tarance asked to see why it needed an alignment the mechanic looked surprised and in typical Tarance fashion, he said show me why the wheels needed to be aligned.    

Since Tarance drives the car for which he felt no indication of being out of alignment and when he inspected the tires, they showed no sign of unusual wear he elected to pass on the offer. 

 I drove the car for two years after that date and there was no indication of the car being out of alignment.   Thanks to Tarance I saved $248.00.

Ruby D – I have known Tarance for a number of years and whenever I have a problem with my car I discuss it with him first.  I know to be prepared for him to ask detailed questions when describing my problem.   

Tarance is always spot on with what the problem is and what’s required to fix it.

Although I have been blessed with finding a mechanic that is honest, it is comforting to have a friend that I can talk to before making repairs decisions. 

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