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3 Phased Approach

  1. The information collected will be used to challenge local dealerships using 5w 30 or heavier oil in court.  The premise is that heavier, non-recommended, oil reduces the failure rate of the engines tested.  If the courts agree, denied claims should be nullified and all engine tests after the ruling should be conducted using the factory-recommended oil.
  2. Change the oil consumption guidelines to include oil checks up to the factory-recommended 7,500 miles.
  3. Never received notices –  challenge rejecting claims because the knock sensing update had not been completed, for individuals who may have moved or did not own their vehicles at the time the letters were mailed. 

Donations will be used to:

  • Seed initial court actions 
  • Research and analysis support
  • Digital marketing support to reach out as additional phases are added etc…

Since action one is the most vulnerable behavior we will start with it and proceed with the other once we gain traction.

All donations are welcome, thanks Tarance Gaines