Tarance Gaines – Author

For over 40 years I have saved family friends and coworkers thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs by diagnosing their rides based on their description of their automobile’s behavior and setting the expectations for what will be required to resolve issues while avoiding unnecessary repairs.

Additionally, I have steered people away from used car purchases that would have been nightmares to them later because of defect they would not have discovered until after taking the vehicles home.   

Because of my knowledge of automobiles, I was successful in securing a new engine for my Hyundai before it failed, by uncovering tricks they were using to avoid replacing the engine.

My inspiration for writing Diagnose My Ride was after hearing how one of my wife’s friends was taken advantage of by her trusted mechanic. 

Diagnose My Ride troubleshooting guide for individuals who are not mechanically savvy. 

If your vehicle or an intended vehicle is at least 2 years old, Diagnose My Ride can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

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